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Practitioner Safe Place

My journey began over 17 years ago with a passion to support others undergoing challenging times, taking me down the path to qualifying as a Counsellor.  Experiencing and witnessing the connections between emotional distress and physical ailment, ignited a passion in...

Mind Body Resources to help with your fertility clients

The mind-body connection is vital on anyone’s healing journey. It is key for us as practitioners to understand this link before we can help our clients. There are many awareness days to promote wellbeing for our client groups such as Babyloss Awareness Week during...

Your First First Fertility Client

Once you have attended your fertility training and completed your case study, finally you have call from a fertility client and they have booked in..... Congratulations, that is wonderful news. All your efforts are bearing its fruits. How do you feel?...

Personalised Affirmation Cards

Life is constantly surrounded by turmoil and uncertainty. With our inherent negativity bias we are programmed to highlight the glass which is half empty. Take a step back, breath and accept this invitation to focus on the glass which is half full with the use of...

Facing Fertility Challenges During the Pandemic

Aspiring for a baby is an inherent need that most people have and when it poses difficulties and challenges it leaves us despondent and on the verge of despair. It can be a lonely journey and yet statistics indicate 1 in 7 go through fertility problems in the UK. So,...

What is the two week wait and how can I deal with it ?

Psychological and emotional preparation for IVF brings numerous benefits including an improved likelihood of success -The Fertile Body Method

In this article we will introduce the Fertile Body Method (FBM), a mind-bodyapproach for fertility and look at how this approach prepares women for IVF and how that preparation brings numerous benefits including an improvedlikelihood of success.

Written by: Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer Hyp. Dip, HG Dip, B.A, Jane Evans NLP Pract, BSc, Sandra Znidar PhD, MA, MAS



Research showing the benefits of hypnotherapy for Fertility problems by Ruth Allen

In this paper I intend to show the benefits of Hypnotherapy for women with fertility problems. To research the programmes available to the hypnotherapist in assisting with the implementation of such a programme in to their practice.

This excerpt is taken from Fertile Body Therapist Ruth Allen’s paper, written for Institute of clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy as part of her Advanced Diploma.

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Another study Links High Stress Levels To Reduced Chances Of Pregnancy

HIGH-stress levels reduce a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant; with a new study released today showing that stressed or anxious women are 12 percent less likely to conceive a child.

The study was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility and then reported by NewsCore,
August 12, 2010

Real Life: From curse to blessing

Most women resort to painkillers to deal with period pain but there is another way to solve this monthly malaise — you just need to pay attention to your cycle.

An article published in the Irish Independent, 10 May 2010

How can hypnosis help fertility problems?

The following article was published in the BSCH (British Society of Clinical Hypnosis) Newsletter in March 2008

The benefits of hypnosis for people undergoing IVF

The following article was published in the BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association) Journal in Spring 2009.

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