Aspiring for a baby is an inherent need that most people have and when it poses difficulties and challenges it leaves us despondent and on the verge of despair. It can be a lonely journey and yet statistics indicate 1 in 7 go through fertility problems in the UK. So, this is an invitation, to Reach out, Restore and Rejuvenate.



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 1. Reach out


When we feel the burden of the world upon us it, reaching out is not that simple. However there are ways you can reach out that seem less aggressive and more softer to sooth your soul. Social media can a gentle way of reaching out if you feel comfortable. A recent study indicated that both those on a fertility journey as well as those helping those on the fertility journey, are active on Instagram. The most popular hashtags are #IVF #Infertility #Fertility #IVF journey #IVF success #Infertility awareness #IVF support #Fertility Awareness  #Egg retrieval #Egg Freezing



Whilst being constantly doing something will tip the balances to within your regime of self-care, take some time to make some meaningful connection with those who understand you and can be a source of connection. There is a wonderful podcast titled ‘Infertility, Courage and Resilience’ where Sophie shares her fertility journey candidly sharing some informative tips and advice to navigate through the ebbs and flows of a fertility journey. Tune in here and feel the connection. Another way to reach out is also journaling which may be rather strange. Reaching out is not only externally but internally as well to be able to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings to let them be and gradually they lose their power to affect you. We cannot always get rid of the negativity around us and within but we can start distancing it by creating meaning full connection without and within.


 2.Restore by tuning into Nature


During the pandemic and the current lockdown, we may feel restricted and supressed. This is when a routine is of a tremendous support as well as tuning into nature. Give yourself the permission to grow something in the garden, nurture a seedling and manifest your desire of having a baby.  A walk in nature is restorative and grounding. After a hard time of being indoors, nature has the power to make you smile, ponder and be grateful to be alive. Feeling the earth beneath the ground and helps us to anchor within to continue our fertility journey with determination and persistence. We may be debating whether the vaccination is a good choice and the more in tune you are with nature and your higher self, you will be guided towards the appropriate direction.


The Bach Flower Remedies are a product of nature and a source of restoration. We often associate the Rescue Remedy to the Bach Flowers, however there are 38 different remedies which are an expression of unique human emotions. Have a look at the below image and see which emotions you are feeling and need to slowly let go off. For more information feel free to register on the free course to ‘Introduction to the Bach Flowers on the link here.


3.Rejuvenate by slowing down



Often, we associate slowing down to retiring and when we are coming to the end of our time. Let us develop another perspective of rejuvenating by slowing down. When we feel our thoughts on a constant hamster wheel, it is time to start letting them be. We may have tried to supress them and that may made it worse. So engage in a breathing technique which helps to bring your attention to the breath as well as induce you in a state of relaxation. The 7-11 breathing is where you breath in for 7 and breath out for 11. If you are new to breathing and find this challenging you can start with breathing for 5 and breathing out for 7 and gradually building yourself up to 7-11. The purpose is to extend your exhalation which activates your parasympathetic system, to be able to sooth and rejuvenate. Here is a link to a wonderful hypnotic visualiastaion here.



Engaging in self-care is vital for slowing down.  Booking a reflexology or massage session is a wonderful way to rejuvenate which may not be possible at this moment in time. So simple breathing techniques coupled with some hand reflexology points will definitely help.  Click here to view a video of solar plexus breathing using hand reflexology.  When you do engage in self-care, take time to set the scene, just as you would feel welcome when you go and see your reflexologist, welcome yourself in your own therapy room, light a candle, have dim light and some fragrant aromatherapy. The ‘Meditation’ blend by NYR is a wonderful way to slow down and rejuvenate and the link is here.


Cooking and spending time in the kitchen can also help you slow down. Being Veganary Month during January below is a simple recipe of sweet potato dessert. Sweet potato is usually used in savoury dishes however it is wonderful as a dessert and ‘healthy’ so it is a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A which is beneficial for optimum fertility as well as maintaining your sugar levels.  I hope you enjoy and rejoice.


Sweet potato Dessert




300g sweet potatoes in pieces

¼ tsp cardamom powder

¼ tsp saffron

2 tbsp natural sweeter (xylitol or stevia)

250ml of water a

Pinch of salt (preferably sea or Himalayan salt)

1 tablespoon of oil (preferably olive or coconut oil)




  1. Heat oil.
  2. Mix the sweet potato pieces in the oil on high heat for a few minutes.
  3. Add water, spices and cover over low heat.
  4. When the sweet potatoes are half done, add natural sweetner
  5. Leave the sweet potatoes over low heat until the sweet potatoes are soft.
  6. It can be served hot or cold.

Concluding Thoughts

Take some time to reflect on the above. Dreams are aspirations we yearn for. With acceptance to Reach out, Restore and Rejuvenate, the journey will be simpler to feel the abundance of oneness. 

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