Confidence Boost Mentoring


Cultivate Healthy Boundaries, Know Your Self Worth, Manage your Inner Critic and Excel in Business

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Do you:

Have you just started your business and lacking confidence?

Do you feel your self worth punctured?

Have you added on another skill and feeling guilty to increase your prices.

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?

Do you feel vulnerable and have issues with boundaries?

Are you burdened by other’s opinions?

Do you feel you are charging to little or too much or simply confused about pricing?

Do you want to:

  • Tap into your inner reservoir of confidence?
  • Own your self worth and value your skills
  • Upgrade your prices with ease and aligned to your values
  • Build firm boundaries to give in abundance to yourself and others
  • Cultivate the clarity to navigate manifest your business goals

Work with me to give yourself a confidence boost to feel better and work from a place of abundance. 

Feedback  “Session was very useful. I love how Arty breaks down step by step on what the issue was, so we cleared the blocks, and how I can always go back to that powerful moment when I feel stuck again.” – Danijela – Fertility Coach

“The pace of the session really helped to challenge my focus from my narrow limits to a much wider perspective of my own identity and to discover that I really value my own story.” – Jane Hickey – Naturopathic nutritional therapist

“I recently worked with Arty to determine my values and strengths.  At the beginning of the session I was uncertain as to what we were doing and what I would discover.  Arty explained the process and gently guided me through the exercises, reminding me at each step about the results we were looking for.  It was very easy and straightforward process.  She then reviewed the results and presented them to me.  We did some EFT tapping to affirm, clarify, and consolidate the findings.  The result was that I have a better understanding of my values and strengths and can apply that knowledge to whatever activity I’m doing, to be sure that I’m following my core beliefs and am congruous with them.  Thank you for an enlightening session Arty!” – Val Miller – Val Miller Certified EFT Practitioner

Details and Fee

*Two 60 minute sessions

*Aftercare email support available

*Optional- recorded session available

*Once you have purchased the session, i will email you with 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) to arrange a mutually suitable time. Please note that all sessions are on zoom.

*A document will be emailed to you before the session for you to complete and email back before the session.

*You will be given access to a dream realisation google document which we will together complete to empower you to achieve your goals and aspirations.


*Tap into your inner reservoir of confidence

*Own your self worth and value your skills

*Upgrade your prices with ease and aligned to your values

*Build firm boundaries to give in abundance to yourself and others

*Cultivate the clarity to navigate manifest your business goals


*Honesty about your emotions and thoughts specially around boundaries, money and self worth

*Willingness to investigate your ancestral line to explore and release any blockages


Ongoing Coaching available

*Ongoing 60 minutes ad hoc sessions for £115



Sessions to be booked at time of purchase and usually to be used in consequent weeks over two weeks or consequent months over two months and within 6 months.