Full Fertile Body Method Practitioner’s Training – Payment by instalments


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£175 per month for three months (£525 total)

Full Fertile Body Method Practitioner’s Training to include

(1) The FBM Online Practitioner’s Training is for anyone who wishes to help men and woman conceive and have a baby. In particular the course is aimed at hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners and other therapists who want to use mind-body approaches in their work.

The aim of the course is to give therapists a range of mind-body techniques and a well-structured therapeutic framework within which these tools can be used effectively. Through the training you will gain a broad ‘tool box’ of the most useful mind-body approaches for helping people to regain wellbeing and enhance their fertility. The course is skills based and provides essential psychological knowledge about fertility problems and the best ways to work with it.

The course can be completed within your own time frame, from the comfort of your own home/clinic. Upon completing the programme you will receive a certificate and be eligible to be listed on the Fertile Body Method Therapist register, so that members of the public seeking help with fertility problems can find you easily.

(2) The Fertile Body Method Online Training online DVD is great values for money with hours of learning that is packed with practical information and excellent demonstrations.The training online DVD outlines The Fertile Body Method, a six stage therapeutic framework for working with fertility problem. This solution focused framework can be used to treat ANY presenting symptom or illness with great effect.

(3) The Fertile Body Method Practitioner’s eManual is a complete guide to working with fertility and related issues using hypnosis and other mind-body approaches. It offers in-depth information about infertility and its possible causes and provides practitioners with a thorough understanding of all related issues, as well as effective techniques for treating them. It will show you how to structure your treatment plans and tailor your approach to each case in a step-by-step way. Useful and simple explanations of assisted fertility treatments and medical terminology make this book accessible to all. It provides an integrative guide for enhancing natural conception as well as powerful hypnotic techniques to support IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies. The many practical resources provided are also made available to practitioners on the additional resources, which contains scripts, questionnaires, self help tools, diagrams, charts and explanations leaflets for your clients.