Healing Green Light Relaxation


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Stress prevents the natural healing process and can lessen our ability to deal with difficult situations. Regular deep relaxation helps your body and mind to work more effectively and creates the conditions needed for healing to occur. In this guided visualisation you can use your imagination to create a profound state of relaxation. Imagining a healing green light that pulses from within the earth can help you to connect with the earth and the natural healing properties of nature. This session is designed to induce deep relaxation to improve any mental, emotional or physical health condition.

In particular this session is useful for:

  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Physical tension and pain
  • Fertility problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth preparation
  • PMS
  • Irregular menstrual cycles and Anovulation
  • Previous miscarriage
  • Immune System problems