How to Run a Fertility Support Group Webinar


Would you like to run a Fertility Support Group?

How to run a Fertility Support Group - Webinar

Would you like to run Fertility Support Group?

This webinar will teach you what you need to know to set up a Support Group and run it successfully.

Fertility Support Groups will greatly benefit the men and woman who attend. Research* shows that people who have good emotional support are less likely to experience the negative effects of infertility and, I believe, be more likely to go on to become parents.

Running a Support Group can benefit you too. It will give you; deeper insight into fertility problems, an opportunity to share and develop your skills, an ideal way to build your one-to-one fertility practice, raise the profile of your clinic and/or connect with other fertility therapists and medical professionals.

This unique webinar, developed by fertility expert Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, is presented along with her guest Anya Sizer, support group leader at the London Women’s Clinic.

This webinar is for you if you want to:

• know how to set up and run your own Fertility Support Group
• have to hand a ready-to-go structure for a support group meeting
• know about the ground rules that make a group work well
• learn good ice breakers and engaging discussion topics
• hear tips for keeping the group lively, interactive and growing
• learn how to deal with challenging situations that may arise
• have quick access to links and suggestions for promoting your group

The cost of the webinar is £25 (approx $30)

Who is it for?

The recorded webinar is open to therapists of all modalities. Please feel free to let your fellow acupuncturists, nutritionists, reflexologists etc know about it.

Although the recorded webinar is aimed at therapist, it will also be of value and interest to any man or woman who has experienced fertility problems and would like to set up a support group.

The recorded webinar is suitable for anyone who would like to run a support group for any issue (not just fertility).

Please note that the live event is over, when you purchase this product you will access a video recording of the hour long webinar that was offered previously.

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Guest speaker, Anya Sizer

Anya Sizer is a fertility coach trained with Powerchange coaching. She is also the mother of two IVF children. A journey which took her six years, five rounds of IVF and odds of 1 in 125,000 of ever achieving.

Now working as the Fertility support co-ordinator at the London Womens clinic she is passionate about the need to equip people through the fertility process. She often speaks at national events such as the Fertility show at Olympia as well as appearing in the media as a spokesperson for the difficulties of infertility.

She is the author of “Fertile Thinking“, a coaching book for Infertility support. Clients have said time and again that seeing Anya was one of the best decisions they had made when facing Infertility and it has been her privilege to walk alongside many people on their journey to create a family.