The Fertile Body Method: IVF Companion


A CD for women who are undergoing IVF treatment, Frozen Cycles or Egg Donation.
by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

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  1. Introduction: an introduction to hypnosis and how to get the most out of these sessions.
  2. Stimulation: to be used from the first day of your stimulation medication until egg collection.
  3. Embryo Transfer: to use from after egg collection. This session is designed to help your mind and body prepare to receive the fertilised embryos. Deep relaxation will help to increase blood flow to the uterus which can help the lining to thicken, preparing it for implantation.
  4. Implantation:: can be listened to from Embryo Transfer onwards. Many women find the time between implantation and getting the results of the treatment a very difficult time. This session can help you to interrupt worry, keep a positive mental focus and tap into your inner strength so that you feel confident in your ability to deal with the results, whatever they may be.

How these audios can help

The sessions on these audios are designed to help you in two main ways. Firstly, to help you cope better with each stage of the IVF treatment and secondly, to support your body to respond well to the IVF. As I mentioned earlier, when the mind and body are relaxed everything works better.

IVF is a challenging procedure and the outcome of the treatment is not one you can control. Trying to control the outcome of the treatment only creates more stress and tension in your body. Through regular relaxation and by accessing your creative unconscious, you will find it much easier to tap into your inner resources, let go and take things in your stride.

I hope that through using these audios you will be able to come out the other side of the IVF, feeling empowered and strong, irrespective of the results.


‘I just wanted to contact you and say thank you so much for your CD “The Fertile Body Method – IVF Companion” which I have found invaluable throughout my IVF treatment. I am happy to say that so far (it is still very early days!) I have achieved a positive pregnancy result and I felt so calm and positive throughout the treatment which I feel sure was helpful.’ – Elena, London

‘Thanks so much for your beautiful CD – I am enjoying listening to it very much and I am feeling so much steadier during my IVF cycle (collection tomorrow!) than I thought I would. It is lovely to have a commitment to myself to take time out each day to deeply relax and open myself to the process so fully.’ – CS. Victoria, Australia