The Fertile Body Method Online Training DVD


Practitioner’s Training Online DVD


Do you want to:

  • watch live therapy sessions?
  • see hypnotherapy techniques in action?
  • learn to use mind-body medicine to treat physical problems?

The Fertile Body Method Online Training DVD is great value for money with hours of learning that is packed with practical information and excellent demonstrations.

The training DVD outlines The Fertile Body Method, a six stage therapeutic framework for working with fertility problem. This solution-focused framework can be used to treat ANY presenting symptom or illness with great effect.

Sjanie demonstrates techniques including; Solution Focused Questioning for Goal Setting, The Self Integration Dissociation, Apposition of Opposites, Parts Work, The Primal Image, Body Talk and Resource Gathering.

Sjanie also shows how to empower clients with useful self-help tools such as; 7:11 Breathing, Quick Body Scan and Three Steps Forward. And finally, you can watch her apply The Fertile Body Method framework and techniques in a 3 session approach with a client.

The FBM DVD is part of the full Fertile Body Method Practitioner’s Training. The programme includes:

  • The FBM Online Programme
  • The FBM Online DVD
  • The FBM Practitioner’s Manual