The Inner Seasons Meditation


Explore the phases of your cycle

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Welcome to The Inner Seasons Meditation during which you can explore the qualities of the different phases of your cycle, so that you can learn how to co-operate with them and utilise the full potential they offer.

We liken the phases to the seasons of the year.  Think of pre-ovulation as your inner spring, ovulation as your inner summer, the pre-menstrum is your inner autumn and menstruation as your inner winter. And just as each season has its own energetic signature, so your inner seasons do.

The meditation is divided into 4 parts each part representing an inner season. After each season you will be invited to return your attention to the room, and pause the MP3 while you capture your experience on paper using images and words.

We recommend revisiting this meditation a number of times to deepen your connection to your cycle and to continue to open yourself to it’s wisdom.

This self hypnosis session is particularly useful for any woman who wants to conceive, has irregular cycles, suffers from pms or other menstrual health problems. It can help develop fertility awareness, patience with your body and insight into what your body needs to be in an optimum fertile state.


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