The Primal Image


Illuminate your unconscious relationship to menstruation

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The Primal Image meditation will allow you to look a little more deeply into your unconscious relationship with menstruation. This meditation will help to reveal your current beliefs, perceptions and physical experiences of menstruation. You may also tap into your cultural conditioning or even your ancestral story.

For some women the image can be gentle, beautiful or dynamic. For other it can be dark, dangerous or disturbing. Or anything in between. Welcome what comes even if you don’t yet fully understand it. All of these images hold wisdom.

This exercise can be repeated at different times of your cycle and over a number of menstrual months as an ongoing enquiry into your changing relationship with menstruation.

This self hypnosis session is particularly useful for woman who suffer from mentrual problems such as period pain, Amenorrhoea (absent periods), irregular periods, heavy bleeding and PMS.