Once you have attended your fertility training and completed your case study, finally you have call from a fertility client and they have booked in….. Congratulations, that is wonderful news. All your efforts are bearing its fruits. How do you feel?

  • Nervous
  • Confused
  • Lack of confidence?

These are all normal emotions which actually are a good sign as they indicate that you are conscientious and want to offer your clients a good service. I’m going to share with you three tips to guide you to see you first fertility client.

1.Revisit your training notes and do some research

It may be a while since your training and booking of your first fertility client, so definitely take this opportunity to revisit your training notes. This will give you the confidence to be able to turn up from a space of abundance and wisdom.

When you are studying a particular subject you are fully immersed in learning mode which is very different to actually putting it into practice. So when you are going through your training notes with the intention to extract from it information to serve your clients this will guide you and be a source of inspiration. When you are simply learning to acquire knowledge your mindset is very different.

Whilst you will be acquiring information during your client consultation, do try and get some information before your actual session so you can do some research. This will guide you to show up to your session with self belief as you already have information to share with your clients based on your existing knowledge of their situation as well as develop it further as you progress.

2. Review your your case studies both fertility and non fertility related

During the course of your training, you would have completed a variety of case studies both fertility and non fertility related. Review those so that you are able to see

  • the progress through the sessions
  • what tools you used and
  • how you clients felt

The mind has a negativity bias so it is definitely It is easy to forget your successes. Give yourself the opportunity to boost your self esteem by allowing yourself to be aware of all those people that you have helped.

3. Establish a routine and follow a framework

You may already have a routine before seeing clients so definitely follow that. If you do not have routine, this is a great time to initiate one. Here are some suggestions

  • Wash your hands before the session
  • Have some reflective time before and after the session
  • Wear a crystal or keep on in your pocket
  • Use a aromatised or flower essence spray before and after the session
  • Pick an affirmation card both for yourself and intention of the session

Using the first two steps above of going through your notes and case studies, have a step by step procedure of how you like your session to go. Always have an element of flexility as well as structure, balance is key to keep you on track as well as personalise the session for your client.

The Fertile Body Method follows the below frame work for a each session and/or package

  1. Outcome
  2. Balance
  3. Resolve
  4. Enhance
  5. Prepare
  6. Support

Need further Support?

I am offering Boost Your Confidence mentoring session with and with out group coaching calls. If you feel you need further support feel free to reach out. Below are links to find out more about these.

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